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Breakthrough Life and Spiritual Coaching 

Believe in Yourself, Love Yourself, Find the Spirit Within

Designed and developed to compassionately guide you through an enlightening and empowering journey of spiritual and personal growth.

Materialize your goals and grasp your dreams with the professional assistance of Pastor Frances L. Banks’s spiritual and life coaching program to energize your life and revitalize your spirit.

Are you Feeling stuck?

Need clarity?

Facing a crisis?

Making a transition?

Ready to feel energized and inspired?

Spiritual Life Coaching incorporates the direction and structure of personal life coaching with a basis in spiritual insights, practices and intentions.

Many people are living lives filled with disappointment and dissatisfaction, conflict and drama and have feelings of restriction or aimlessness. I bring my passion for spirituality, support and work with people on a personal path for finding their sense of self, joy and freedom. With gentleness and through an encouraging approach I guide people to live a fully engaged life.

My strengths are in discovering new ways to achieve life goals, to create a life filled with forward movement and meaning and to map out dreams in order to bring them into reality.

What Are The Benefits Of Coaching 

. You will set and accomplish attainable goals to get what you want most.

. Be able to make focused, balanced decisions and life plans

. Gain a fresh perspective on your life.

. Learn new ways to respond to difficult situations and people

. Change habits that no longer pertain to your life.

. Recognize your weaknesses and strengths and incorporate an understanding of them into your life/career plans.

. Discover a sense of life purpose and your natural gifts

. Learn techniques to attract positive forces in your life and ways to love yourself unconditionally.

Breakthrough coaching 

Pastor Frances L. Banks, the founder of Women on the Wall and Girl talk Conference series, is debuting a new spiritual and life Coaching program to offer one-on-one consultations designed to compassionately guide you through an enlightening and empowering journey of spiritual and personal growth

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