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Frances L. Banks is a awesome speaker who capture her audience with captivating and contigious presents.

She is anointed to motivate and encourage from the pulpit to the market place.

Frances L. Banks is a dynamic and electrifying speaker, in the pulpit or market place. With her expressive and transparent approach she is committed to empowering women on how to love themselves out loud, authentically and unapologetically.

Frances is a licensed Minister and has worked in leadership for over 8 years. She is also a business owner in which she runs and operates Women On The Wall Coaching & Consulting LLC. Frances is also a published author, with books entitled "Women On The Wall Answering The Call" and a booklet titled "The Road To Purpose And Destiny." Frances currently resides in New York City.

Frances founded the "Women On The Wall Ministries", which is a vehicle to push women into their purpose and destiny. Frances proclaims the message giving to her by God, that every women on this earth was created for a purpose and God has use for them. Her Godly agenda is to put together conferences and books to equip and empower women to walk into their Godly assignment with confidence and power. To assure that the kingdom of God is prepared and ready for His return.

Girl Talk Summit was birthed out of Frances desire to have women talk about their issues, in order to come up with solutions. In these conferences Frances invites some dynamic women panelist to answer and educate conference goers about their struggles. This conference has changed the lives of many and She prays it will continue doing so.

The call on Frances life is so great. When she heard the Lord say whom shall I send, she dropped everything and said here I am Lord send me.

Frances L. Banks is anointed and appointed to do the work of God in such a times as this.

Frances L. Banks speaking at her book release,

explaining to her Guest that they all have

purpose and destiny stored up inside of them.

Giving encouraging words that God has

use for each and everyone of us,

Frances L. Banks officiating a wedding

in the Dominican Republic.

Frances L. Banks Guest Speaker At

the From The Cocoon To A Butterfly Conference

Frances L. Banks Speaking at

the Girl Talk Summit 2015

Frances L Banks Gust Speaker

at Pastor Gorham Appreciation Service 

Frances L. Banks speaking at

Girl Talk Summit

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